Your vision for your team

In a previous blog post, I reminded you of the important skills you have as a leader. Now it’s time to think about the team and the impact you’d like them to have.

You need to think about which other parts of the organisation benefit from what your team does. Consider the value you bring. Put yourself in the shoes of these other parts of the organisation, and ask yourself.

"In an ideal world, what additional value would these parts of the organisation want to gain from the people I manage?"

This should become your over-arching goal for the team. It’s about bringing value to the organisation, either directly, or in collaboration with others in the business. Then, consider what it would mean if you achieved this additional value, for you, for your team, and for the organisation.

Your vision statement is a sentence which describes this desired future state, written from the perspective of it being a goal for you:

"By [date], we will be [what you’ll be doing] in order to [value this brings]."

Once you have this vision clarified, this should form the basis of direction you give to the team, and the decisions you make.


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