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3 Ways to Sharpen Up your Marketing Messaging

Let’s face it, we’re not all a closet William Shakespeares or Christina Rosetti, and when we’re putting together our marketing messaging, it can all seem a little flat – more like a list of features than a compelling story. But with just a few tweaks, you can really liven up your message to engage your audience. 1: Focus on benefits, not features A feature is what something is, a benefit is what something does. And if you’re trying to make an impact, you want more of the latter and fewer of the former: "Our new laptop model contains a 10 th generation Intel™ i9 processor and 32 GB of RAM." "Our new laptop model contains the latest technology so that you want do what you want, when you want, without delay." 2: Shorten your sentences We don’t have the concentration to read long sentences on screen – there’s too much else going on, and if we’ve got email notifications, social media, colleagues, WhatsApp messages and so on popping up, and we know t

How to make Virtual Training work for you

By Neil Shorney , Director. Time to read: 2 minutes. There's been a lot of content posted on the web, not least by me, on how to deliver effective virtual training. But there's precious little help for attendees of virtual training courses to help them really get the learning, and therefore the ROI, they need to from a virtual course. If you think about what you're paying for when you invest in training (i.e. changed behaviours, new skills rather than paying for X number of days in a hotel with a nice lunch), virtual training courses can actually be more effective than traditional face-to-face courses. But for this to happen, you need 2 things: A virtual course which is well-designed and well-delivered A little effort and support for participants from you as an organisation If you're looking for high-quality virtual training, Navanter Knowledge Bites has it covered, with our decade of experience delivering engaging training online. But still, with a little effort fro