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Our first blog post - top tips for delivering virtual training

By Neil Shorney , Director. Time to read: 2 minutes. I've seen a number of posts on LinkedIn and some Facebook business groups that I'm part of about how to deliver training which was supposed to be delivered in a training room, in an online environment. At Knowledge Bites, this is something we specialise in - our parent brand, Navanter, was one of the pioneers of live e-learning a decade ago. So, here are my top tips to deliver effective virtual learning - in no particular order and rather hastily compiled in answer to questions from a number of other trainers... Don't run full-day sessions, it's just too long. Split a 1-day course into 3-4 shorter sessions, scheduled approx. 1 week apart. In a way, this can improve training impact as they have the opportunity to try a more focussed set of new skills before learning the next one. Begin each session with a max 10-minute review of the previous session for continuity. Ideally, have everyone remote - it's much