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Using SDI® to increase team effectiveness

 At Navanter Knowledge Bites, one of our areas of expertise is team-building and conflict resolution. In a way, these are two sides of the same coin: teams become more effective as they become more cohesive teams become less effective if conflict is present Both cohesion and conflict within a team environment are driven by individuals' senses of self-worth. Effective teamwork, therefore, is driven by people's contribution to feelings of self-worth in team-mates. Unfortunately, it's hard enough to understand what contributes to our own feelings of self-worth, without having to worry about other people's as well. And this is where the SDI® (Strength Deployment Inventory®) comes in. This well-respected tool helps individual's to understand their motivators in work, relationships and personal development, as well as opening windows to others' motivational values. By working through a self-assessment and numerous hands-on exercises, participants in an SDI® session un