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Navanter Knowledge Bites goes carbon positive

 If you're anything like me, then carbon positive is a new term for you. I first came across it a couple of months ago and wondered what it  meant. As I was looking into it, I discovered that carbon positive is like carbon neutral on steroids. If a business is carbon positive, it means that it removes more carbon from the atmosphere than it contributes. It can't have escaped your notice that the environment has become a really big deal recently. At Navanter, we've been conscious of our environmental obligations, as citizens of the world, for a long time. We've always had a "low carbon" approach to business. We were founded in 2011, and already by 2012, we were offering our clients virtual training (yes - even before covid) as a way of minimising the carbon footprint of the training industry. It caught on early, with some global players (such as Informa plc) embracing the idea of virtual training with us to save on travel. And when travel is  necessary, train h

Tasking: The key to remote management

By Neil Shorney, CEO,  Navanter Knowledge Bites . Time to read: 1 minute. When managing remotely, the key to success is managing by task. Employees, particularly junior ones but not exclusively, need to feel that their efforts are being noticed. But when either they or the manager are working remotely, this becomes a problem, because they don’t feel noticed, unless the manager takes extra steps to show appreciation or interest in their day-to-day work. By managing by task, rather than relying on general office communication, managers can give employees a much greater sense that their efforts have been noticed. What does “managing by task” mean? It means basing a lot (but not all) of interaction time on tasks that need to be completed. It means taking a greater interest in an employee’s progress through a task, rather than just acknowledging completion. And it means offering the right level of support throughout the duration of a task. The key for the manager is to set tasks at the righ