The impact of personality style on managing remotely

By Neil Shorney, CEO, Navanter Knowledge Bites. Time to read: 1 minute.

One of the key considerations for managing remotely compared to in person, is the needs of the employee. Many employees have, for over a year, been operating in an environment which is contradictory to their personality style – they took jobs which included the ability to work from an office, yet for 14 months, they’ve been working in isolation.

It’s not just the isolation from their colleagues which is causing people stress, but isolation from their managers. There are stories of employees working vastly increased hours and suffering from poor work-life balance, not because of pressure from management, but the need to feel that they’re being seen to be working. Without the ability to check in with their manager around the office, they need to be seen to be present.

As leaders, we need to lead these people in a way that is sensitive to their personality styles, and their needs as employees. And as people begin coming back into the office for part of the week, we need to be sensitive to how those still working remotely, perhaps due to health concerns, are managed compared to those who have returned to face-to-face working.

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